Welcome! My name is Jenny Davis and I live in the beautiful, Yarra Valley, in Victoria, Australia. I am an artist and have been a collector of old stuff all my life and believe every item has a story to tell. I rarely buy anything new preferring to rescue and recycle furniture, bric-a-brac and clothing. Broken and damaged items usually make their way into my art studio for sculpture & assemblage. About 15 years ago, Ateliernostalgi was born out of a love for history and all things antique, vintage, old, worn, torn & rusted with a touch of patina. Each piece has been hand picked by me, from broncante’s, markets, garage sales & attic sales in France, England and Australia.


I grew up in a “make do and mend” family, where nothing much was thrown away and would be mended or, repurposed into something else. Therefore, I sometimes throw in a scattering handmade items that I have created from vintage sourced materials, discarded, abandoned objects & materials.

I hope you enjoy your browse and find things that inspire!

Thank you so much for your support so far, you are treasured. Keep safe, warmest of wishes. Jenny x

Welcome to Ateliernostalgi