Last weekend I finally took time off from my studio and computer work to browse a few garage sales in the neighborhood. I haven’t done this for ages.There is nothing like the adrenalin rush and excitement you when you see something at a sale, op shop  or market, that you simply, just have to have.

Most of the things in this lot I will list in my vintage shop Nostalgi

It never ceases to amaze me that the items I choose usually end up being connected to my artwork somehow and I use them in my installations, sculpture and as photo props as well.

There was a huge box of antique shaving and vanity items going cheap cheap cheap… my budget was very limited so I only grabbed a few. Antique cut throat razors (Underbelly types) with their original decorative boxes, hairdressing clippers, scissors and a couple of vintage fountain pens were inside the boxes. The antique glass bottle tops were another great find. There was also a few pieces of broken jewelry and a very blingy Dior hair slide.

A stack of wooden cigar boxes. There were even a few cigars in one box.

2 gorgeous European glasses with amazing Renaissance style artwork

A very raw tribal and primitive wall hanging created from textiles . I love the ancientness of this little gem

What do you use your garage sale finds for?


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