Vintage French Bridal Headdress. Lace.

Vintage French Bridal Headdress– Lace -Art Deco- Iridescent Glass Beads. I found this gorgeous bridal headdress at a market in Asnieres, France.

It has been created from vintage French lace in the shades of Ecru with scatterings of tiny pearl beads and clear glass or crystal iridescent crystal beads that shimmer and change colour in the light. The lace has been shaped and formed over cotton covered millinery wire armature with satin ribbon wound around parts of the inside wire to finish.


It seems to sit back on the crown of the head with the 3 petal style pieces sit just at side of the high cheek area in front of the ears. I can’t be sure but, going by my research it looks to be Art Deco. It has no labels and is not hand stitched.

The beads have all been attached with milliners glues and stiffeners.

Would be beautiful with a vintage or antique lace veil draped over

Do you have any information about this bridal head dress?

Recently Sold to a lovely person in London, England





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