Gorgeous Scratchy Raw Things & Vintage Paper

A bunch gorgeous raw things arrived a few weeks ago…

Thank you Penny! from SparrowSalvage   …I will use them in my altered art projects and work on ideas I have for some abstract wearable art pieces and will definately keep some bits for sculpture.

You can find more goodies like this at Faginsdaughter .

A few closeups

Don’t you just love the antique lock. I retreaved a few of them from a rubbish heap on the way to Phillip Island years ago. I use them as props in my photography.



I also found a heap of German scrap recently, with Victorian ladies,children and florals and a little handmade card from the 1920’s.


When I explore op shops I have a bit of a system where I have to check out every box and probably annoy the staff.

I do tidy them all up before I go, though.

Do you have special rituals you go through when seeking out your treasures?

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