Forgotten History. Vintage Garden & Shed Finds.

It’s amazing what can be found lying about the place. After a clean -up awhile ago I came across a few interesting things on my property. Many were found under overgrown bushes and trees, or stored away in a dark corner in the shed.

All forgotton History.


This is a cast iron door from a combustion stove

It is rusted out which only adds to the charm and says embossed on the back 8×9

The door has decorative features on the front

Door does open and close

This will look great in a country kitchen, a restaurant, kitchen , wall art, shadowbox, garden art etc….

Perfect for the Collector or Vintage Industrial decor

I love it the way it is, all rusty but it could be be sandblasted or repainted.


A bit of Australian History with this antique water meter cover.

Nice graphics… MMBW  Melbourne Metropoliton Board of Works

Made from forged steel,strong and heavy with handle.

Marked “3/4 and MMBW”



Australian Country Cottage

Vintage Cast Iron Wire Garden Gate.

This is a gorgeous rusty gate made from cast iron and wire

The gate is full of character and charm and would be perfect for …

An “old world’ entrance for a country cottage or vegie garden setting

Vintage industrial wall art

Trellis for flowering creepers etc…



Vintage Cast Iron Kettle

Heavy and strong has been used as a flowerpot so needs good old scrub and clean

Perfect for the collector, Garden art or Vintage Industrial Decor



Antique Cast Iron Iron. 1900’s .

Vintage Farmhouse Primitive or Vintage Industrial Decor

Decorative top with graphics I cant make out but Reads “7” on top at front

Heavy and strong has been used as a garden ornament so needs a good old scrub and clean



2 Vintage Industrial Decor. Railroad. Road Lamps.

I red railroad or road works kero or candle lamp/lantern. 1930’s approx.
Vintage rustic condition with all red glass windows opening door to put kero tank which is missing.

1 Amber road works lamp/lantern with all amber glass windows intact. 1960’s approx.
Vintage rustic condition.(please see photos)


IMGP0088 (3)

Australian Car History.

Vintage Industrial Gas/Petrol Can/ Carrier.

Big grey gas/petrol can with plug and handles

Has been used as a garden decoration so it needs a good old scrub and clean

A  couple of dents at side as well

Found in central Victoria in the 1970’s

Age 1940-50s?

IMGP0044 (2)

American Car History

Original Studebaker Car Factory Metal Stencil.

Studebaker Car Logo Stencil Badge

I think this would have been used in the making of the Studebaker logo or badges

SIZE 120 x 22 cm. – 40″ x9″

An original for a Studebaker car restorer car collector or industrial wall decor
Collector of Studebaker memorabilia

It’s rusted and original


IMGP0002 (2)

Large Vintage Industrial Dressmaking/ Upholstery Scissors/Shears.

Vintage Farmhouse Primitive

Heavy duty Scissors/Shears

Made from forged steel very strong and heavy

Rustic scissors need sharpening & oiling if wanting to use

No visable makers mark





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