Hand Painted Tags. Antique French Book Plates and more.

Having a bit of a fleur day. Thinking of France, Versailles and French perfume gardens.

My latest little paintings on tags and book pages are inspired by my times in France. Collecting antique, vintage French books and magazines for as little 1EU, from the local book sales. We also and picked up old stuff, thrown in bins, after the markets. Many of the pages are so thin, discolored and aged, it just adds to their beauty.

Available in the “Handmade” tags or art sections in my shop Ateliernostagi

My daughter was as local, so we lived among the locals and were able to get a good feel for French culture. France is like a second home to me. My daughter lives in London now, so, I get to go there.

Still working on immersing myself in the English culture, but managed to do a bit of mudlarking, theater and art galleries when I was last there. Absolutely loved Hampton Court Palace, just a stones throw from where I stay.

The gardens from the countries I visit are the idea behind my latest series of hand- painted tags, book pages and little water- colour paintings. My little flower paintings are made up little pieces. Non- botanical paintings with an abstract twist.

Available in the “Handmade” tags or art sections in my shop Ateliernostagi

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