Hand Painted Tags. Antique French Book Plates and more

Having a bit of a fleur day. Thinking of France, Versailles and French perfume gardens.

My latest little paintings on tags and book pages are inspired by my times living in France, where, I would collect antique, vintage French books and magazines, for as little 1 euro, from the the local book sales. After the market closed, the vendors sometimes, would throw away, torn, ripped books, which I collected for free. Many of the pages in the books and magazines are thin, discolored and aged, which adds to their beauty.

I love France its like a second home to me. My daughter used to live in Paris, so I was able to live among the locals and get a good feel for the French culture. My daughter now, lives in London and I get to go there too.

I’m still working on immersing myself in the English culture. Last time I was there, I managed to do a bit of mud larking, theatre and art galleries. As well as make some art. I absolutely loved Hampton Court Palace, which is just a stones throw away.

The gardens from the countries I visit are the idea behind my latest series of hand- painted tags, book pages and water- colour paintings. My little flower paintings are not true botanical paintings and sometimes have a little abstract twist.

All tags and vintage hand painted pages are now Sold

Free Tutorials Page. Experimenting with Paint & Shellac.

Free Tutorials Page on my arts website Outlook8studio. Experimenting with Paint & Shellac.

Experimentation & New Free Tutorials Page. My blog updates have been scarce lately, as, Ive been studying a couple of arts business and creative courses. This week I created a new “Free Tutorials”   on my Outlook8studio website , where I share some of my favorite, creative ideas and things to do.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter in studio_Mixedmedia sm

I’ve also, been experimenting with shellac and acrylic paints in the studio

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter parts 6 part_Mixedmedia s

and plan to create some textile and sculpture pieces too.

Jenny Davis_Wallmatter parts 5 part_Mixedmedia s
My favourite thing to make on  Free Tutorials  is my large studio easel. I created it when I built my studio in 2000. I wanted something big, so I could work on many paintings at once. It’s a bit slap happy, (I’m no carpenter) but, works perfectly for me.

© 2015, Jenny Davis. All rights reserved.

Taking Stock for Today!

“Taking Stock” allows me to see what’s happening in my life and where I’m at in this moment. Its also lots of fun!


Here’s my Taking Stock for today:
Making : Little collages
Cooking : Dr. Cabot’s soup
Drinking : Lemon & ginger tea
Reading: Paris Made by Hand by Pia Jane Bijker
Wanting: To get warm
Looking: To complete my unfinished sculptures and paintings
Playing: In my studio
Deciding: When to take a trip to mums
Wishing: I could sleep better
Enjoying: Time on my own creating
Waiting: For my wood to be chopped
Liking: Sleeping in
Wondering: About going to Paris to see my daughter next year
Loving: Receiving mail art
Pondering: New art work
Considering: Going to my drawer for some chocolate
Watching: The days go by too quickly
Hoping: To get some art sales soon
Marveling: Others creativity
Needing: Some warmth
Smelling: Cat pee and eucalyptus oil
Wearing: Trackie pants, jumper, jacket, dressing gown and scarf
Noticing: Its getting foggy early morning
Knowing: I need to get fitter
Thinking: About bookmaking
Feeling: Content
Admiring: Other artists work
Sorting: My elderly mothers life
Buying: Art supplies
Getting: My fallen tree chopped
Bookmarking: Provins in France
Disliking: Politics in Australia
Opening: Mail art
Giggling: With my girlfriend
Feeling: Happy
Snacking: Sea salt chocolate
Wishing: I could do another arts residency overseas
Helping: My mum sort out her legal stuff
Hearing: 70’s music

A blank list for you to copy and paste…!
Making :
Cooking :
Drinking :

Enjoy your day!


Ephemera Exchange Group

Many thanks!!! to both these lovely ladies who recently sent me goodies in the post for collage!

Thank you Chloe !

Chloe Marie



Jane Gravois


Ephemera Exchange Group


Filling envelopes with found papers to send of to members of the paper ephemera exchange group to use in collage and other creative projects



 Each person fills an envelope with found papers, advertising cards, text



old or new



and sends it off to every member in the group




I will send mine off next week



Its fun receiving art materials from all over the world to play with




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