Today I had to say goodbye again to another best friend, Charcoal .

3 years ago a very special, wild and free spirit walked into my life . A beautiful big black fluffy cat, I later named Charcoal. He just turned up out of nowhere and walked into my studio. I was still feeling pretty down after losing my other best mate Rebel a few months earlier and didn’t want another cat but, he was just so determined, he wasn’t going to allow me to ignore him.

I tried for 6 weeks to find his owners but in the end I couldn’t deny the connection between us. We just clicked and then, inseparable. He was so frightened at first and looking back now, I think he may have been a feral cat, or had fled from the big bushfires we had that year.

He had never been inside a house before and freaked out so much, I made him a little bed under the studio. He stayed there the first month. Slowly I coaxed him inside the house. By 6 months he allowed me to rest my hand on him when he sat next to me. Eventually, he let me pat, then cuddle him.

Charcoal gave me so much love and was a funny cat with strange ways. He would always take the lead when I walked with him and he would sleep on my knee with his head pointing up to the sky.

He was also a free spirit, very much like me, and full of curiosity. Once my brave boy even chased away a snake that was near me. During the day he would be in the studio with me or just around outside.

Every morning, just like Rebel, he would bug me to go and open the studio. He would even brush by me several times and bite my knee,until I opened the studio for him. A little brat cat:) As soon as he heard the rattle of the keys he would come running over. He slept with me on a special leopard blanket and would take up most of the room,laying on his back like dog with all his 4 legs up in the air.

Today, I celebrate and thank you my dear friend, for the short magical time you gave me though, way too short. I’m lost today without you and you will be forever in my heart, my Bubby Charcoal
Love you so much…

Antoinettes Garden & The Muse

Today I sat by the fire all cosy and finished off 2 more wrist cuffs. They are all sewn by hand and each one takes about 5-6 hours to create . 

I usually like to create my cuffs as I go along, stitching and choosing my fabrics, threads and bits and pieces from little clear boxes. I make up little boxes of inspiration by tossing in colours ,textures and interesting little things into little seperate boxes. I then can just cart them around with me in one big box all ready to create. I save plastic vegetable containers for this purpose and use a large cardboard strawberry box, I got from being a picker, many years ago.

Each cuff is  (OOAK) one- of- a- kind , created using vintage, contemporary and unusual materials I collect in my travels. I title each cuff and will sometimes, write a little story about their origin, making them even more unique and special.

A huge “Thank you hugs and xxxx” to all my wonderful friends and family who also donate scrap pieces of fabric, lace and buttons for my cuff project.

You can find more info on my wrist cuffs and other things I create over at Atelierinparis

When Marie Antoinette wardrobe of clothes was ripped to shreds, she gathered the scraps of cloth and made poignets (wrist cuffs). She would wear them in memory of her beautiful home and gardens of Versailles.

“THE MUSE” was once the female figure deity, platonic ideal, mistress, lover, wife whom poets and painters called upon for inspiration. The cuff, a gift from the “l’artiste” to his muse.

More coming soon !

Pocket Art Series. Recycled Art. French Packaging.

Small one of a kind transportable patches of Abstraction ready to go…Compact pieces of art for people on the move. My pocket art pieces came about when I needed to transport artwork from country to country. They are small mixed media textile pieces connected to my love of abstraction textiles, text and street art.

Walking my way across the surface I use coloured wools and wires as I would my paintbrush or charcoal, adding, whatever interests me at the time including, advertising papers, cards and packaging from Paris




Rue Pierre




Ooh La La




Hearts in Paris





Each one is a tiny 3.5″x2.5″ – 9x7cm and they come snugly displayed in a clear acrylic card holder

Indigo blue denim
canvas cloth
press stud
paris clothing label
originalParis stamp
Colored wools
found fonts
Acrylic sealer and more….

SIGNED and DATED by the artist

I really had fun creating these pieces and were created with a lot of care