Healing and Creating. Vintage Wrist Cuffs.


Having torn my leg muscle lately,I’ve been forced to slow down and rest up for 6 weeks so it will heal. Today, I’m sitting on the couch with a warm fire creating fabric wrist cuffs. My lounge room is a gorgeous mess of vintage scraps and odds and ends in boxes, bags and tins.


I like to layer my cuffs, by tearing strips of vintage fabrics, lace, netting and hand dyed doileys I then hand sew them together leaving the edges raw .I then overlay the fabric layers with anything interesting I can find like:  metal , rocks ,sea glass, old beads, buttons, broken jewellery, watch parts and bits & pieces gathered from here and Europe.


I also create custom – made wrist cuffs for people who give me old fabrics and embellishments they have collected. Usually, the items hold a special memory, or story for that person. I then create a special wrist cuff for them out of mums buttons, grannies brooch or flea market finds from travels.



Every cuff conjures up a story for me so, I give each art piece a name and a little story in the description.

All the fabric wrist cuffs on this page have now been sold

You can see my other fabric wrist cuffs and more handmade items in my shop Atelierinparis

Some of my favourite things I found today – 20+ Crafts To Make From Recycled Items

Assemblage Necklace. Handmade Jewellery.


INSPIRATION I named this piece after a little cathedral I ventured into on “Rue Genivieve” in Asnieres France also, my French name is Genivieve.This gorgeous assemblage necklace is one of a kind. I created it from an antique broken rosary.

In the middle of the mother of pearl beads, lay a silver cross with Jesus and the word “Italy” stamped on the reverse, next to the cross I have added a vintage filigree piece where 2 crystal beads sit for shine.  Finished off with a vintage silver chain for a double fall.

Length -18 inches – 46 cm.

Simple, yet stylish, old world charm with a contemporary French feel.

You won’t see this anywhere else!

This piece has been sold but hop over to  Atelierinparis 

to check out more handmade  goodies.

I love this site How to make your own jewelry 

Vintage French Inspired Wrist Cuffs




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Wearable Art – Textile Cuffs ” stunning one of a kind creations using vintage textiles, found objects embellishments and reclaimed jewelery bringing you a touch of 19th. Century French Bohemianism & romance.

“GYPSY BLOOD” wild seas tear us apart Oh! Gypsy Blood where are you …





Deep rose hand- dyed frayed cotton canvas topped with fragments of vintage black lace, twisted and stitched to decorate, vintage French brocade textile & shredded hand- dyed doily in deep rose, vintage olive green ribbon with hand stitched crosses in black tapestry thread and a vintage glass knotted button. All backed with aged cotton canvas and a torn piece of ribbon with Paris written, completed with a black elastic loop and vintage black button to fasten on your wrist for elegance and style.

Cuff Length with loop – 8 inches – 20cm.
Cuff Width – 2 inches – 5 cm.



Chamber maids are more affluent wearing long loose jackets mantlets and pellisess. Decorative cuffs and muffs for winter were becoming common. The coif was still worn but was rivaled by headdresses and bonnets. From The People of Paris: An Essay in Popular Culture in the 18th Century By Daniel Roche

Vintage tablecloth fabric dyed with acrylic tinctures with fragments of vintage French satin decor fringing , antique dyed lace, brocade textile. All topped with olive green ribbon and an old fabric covered button, decorative stitching of a cross and the words “I Am”next to a tiny dyed doily below a vintage glass button. All backed with aged cotton canvas and a torn piece of ribbon with word “Je t’aime” written, completed with a black elastic loop and vintage glass button to fasten on your wrist for elegance and style.


Cuff Length with loop – 8 inches – 20cm.
Cuff Width – 2 inches – 5 cm.

Mademoiselle Collette. Hand-made Paper Brooch.


A new collection of hand- made paper brooches


Over the years I have collected boxes of archival mount board offcuts from my artwork.The other day I had a bit of a play with them and came up with some French- inspired brooches. Each brooch has been fully made by hand, even the cutting, so there maybe some flaws which I think only add to their charm


On the front of each brooch I have decoupaged some French paper with Mademoiselle’s wearing 1950’s “Mode Française” enclosed with my vintage hand- dyed doily scraps. On the reverse I’ve decoupaged some French word or words with a nickel free brooch pin. Each piece is fully waterproofed with liquid gloss resin on the front and several coats of acrylic sealant on the reverse.

Brooch size approx. 3’x 2.5” – 8 x 6cm.

Brooch pin nickel free.

You can buy my brooches and other French- inspired goodies from my Etsy shop


Each piece of archival board is hand-cut and sanded then sealed with liquid gloss resin and several coats of acrylic sealant on the reverse. Waterproofed, this will protect the piece for normal wear and moisture but still wear and handle with care as you would any hand-made item.

Pin a brooch onto an evening bag. This method looks best when the brooch is pinned onto a clutch or other small evening bag. Pick a brooch that matches a color or detail in your dress, and it will really help tie the bag into the look.

Want your outfit to have little French chic? Simply wrap a scarf around your neck and fasten it in place with a brooch. Very simple but effective. For a slightly more modern take on this look, place the scarf around your waist or hips instead to draw the eye downwards and accentuate your figure.

Another neat idea takes a bit more creativity. Use a brooch as a hairpin. Make a bun or french twist extra glamorous by pinning a brooch in your hair. This usually looks best in the back of your hair, but use your judgment depending on the style. You will need bobby pins for this technique, since brooches are decorative but aren’t great at holding hair in place by themselves.

Do you have a plain belt? Jazz it up with a brooch. You can either pin the brooch directly onto the belt, or for leather or delicate items, use a piece of ribbon to hang the brooch or tie it in place while protecting belt.

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