Bonus Collage. Ugly Hair. 30 Days of Collage.

I had so much fun making these collages!

This challenge has been more liberating in more ways than one. Only using glue, scissors and magazine cut outs, I created a series of collages in ’60s style and finally got the chance to use some of my vintage magazines for art.

30 Days of Collage.Stephanie Levy.

French magazines”Le Noël” and “La Maison”

French magazines”Le Noël”  and “La Maison” I really love these magazines. I found them at book sale in Paris and bought them for a real bargain at only 1 EU. for all 65 .

Dated from the 1920,s, they show you how to make craft and decorate the home. Only wish I could read French… I just love the front illustrations. At the end of the book sale the vendors threw out torn antique books and old music sheets into the bins so I managed to rescue a few things and will use them in my artwork eventually.



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