Weekend Garage Sale Finds

Last weekend I finally took time off from my studio and computer work to browse a few garage sales in the neighborhood. I haven’t done this for ages.There is nothing like the adrenalin rush and excitement you when you see something at a sale, op shop  or market, that you simply, just have to have. […]

Handmade Trash Books.

I have heaps of  travel catalogs that I hate to throw away so I recycle them into notebooks, journals and artist books .I make each book cover as a separate collage piece – OOAK. I re-use all my jotting and doodling paper I keep beside the computer so when I get a pile I create […]


My house and studio is stuffed with junk for my creative projects…. I have been collecting since I was born. I used to hide stuff under my bed in boxes as a child As an adult I’m still putting stuff into boxes, plastic bags and other strange things. I view my collections as arrangements. They […]