Collage Tutorial 11. Mixed Tape Collage.

Update! I took off the “I love Paris tape” as it just didn’t work for me. This collage is on a piece of water colour paper aged the with Parisian essence, then baked in the oven. A piece of vintage French paper old blue ticket is taped down with tartan scotch tape Ive had since […]

Collage Tutorial 10. Torn Posters and Painted Papers.

I used many layers of a poster I found on the ground in Paris with handmade painted papers and acrylic gel. I sanded in between leaving torn paper and scratches in areas. My interest in this piece is the quality of the surface. During the process I made marks with permanent pens and acrylic paints.  […]

Reasons to Upcycle in your Creative Business

              I really enjoy finding a new purpose for something that would otherwise have gone into the trash and saving it from landfill.  In all my shops I mostly, reuse, recycle and upcycle materials where I can. Atelierinparis Outlook8studio Nostalgi Upcycle: “to process (used goods or waste material) so as to produce something […]

Mixed Media Collage. A Bunch of Dirty Collages.

“Another Bunch of Dirty Collages” created from found materials I picked up off the streets in Paris. My little collages are 8×6 inches – 19 x 14 cm. These collages and more can be found in my shop     I dirty up 180gsm.water colour papers with an old dye recipe then use bits and […]


My house and studio is stuffed with junk for my creative projects…. I have been collecting since I was born. I used to hide stuff under my bed in boxes as a child As an adult I’m still putting stuff into boxes, plastic bags and other strange things. I view my collections as arrangements. They […]