Collage Tutorial 7. On a Prayer. Vintage Photos. Postcards..


A new collage using vintage postcards and photos. I used a beautiful Japanese prayer card a square of gold cardboard from a box of French chocolates, a vintage photograph of Mt. Fuji and orangy twine with a tiny cut- out from a vintage postcard. Handwritten words on Japanese paper.

A Japanese friend of mine translated the prayer card for me.

It’s an ancient prayer for a well balanced, happy life.

1. Stay Healthy

2. Work Hard

3. Keep smiling

4. Dress up Appropriately

5. Be calm

6. Relax

7. Be Active

8. Think Deeply


30 Days of Collage. Stephanie Levy.

Collage Tutorial 5. Working with Textiles.

Another abstract composition created with fabrics. I pretty much gravitate more towards abstraction ideas in my work, rather than representation , as this is how I see the world…

For this piece I used a canvas board with a layer of aged cotton canvas glued on top. Next a layer of hand-dyed, aged scrim torn and tattered. Another piece of canvas and vintage tablecloth scrap. I then attached a vintage button with old string and kept going over the piece, sewing in between in areas, finishing with some mark-making using a textile pen.

30 Days of Collage. Stephanie Levy.

Collage Tutorial 2. Black & White Study

Black and white study for collage course. We were asked to create a collage using only black and white materials. I loved this exercise and found myself wanting to add some colour…I couldn’t resist and made 2 collages.


I collected 2 canvas boards,  black and white vintage papers, wallpaper and newer paper.

As in abstract painting, I like to work quickly and not worry too much about leaving marks and splotches as I’m doing. In some areas I made marks with felt pens and white gesso paint trying to blend the different textures and areas.

I also explored Stephanie’s idea and used some glitter paint mixing it with gesso so it became a greyish colour. I like the end result but may go further and sand back the whole lot, giving it a worn-out appearance.


30 Days of Collage. Stephanie Levy.

Living off the Land

Hunter house smaller

Have you ever lived off the land?

I grew up in the 1970’s just when the craft movement was in full swing. A time when hippies and communes were everywhere. In the late 70’s on a whim,  I  headed off in a $50 EH car and moved to a large country property with my partner and child to do the self sufficiency thing .

EH car bigger

We had a huge veggie garden amongst, chooks, sheep, goats, ducks and a horse together with an assortment of snakes and stray, or hurt animals, we would either, patch -up and  keep, or let go free.

I used to make most of my family’s clothing, from thrown- out fabric we got from the local woollen mills. Had a go at making, photo frames, wedding albums, jewellery boxes and cottage houses, from recycled scraps of fabric.

We created bread dough gift baskets, full of handmade perfume, jewellery, home-made chocolates, soap, cosmetics, cleaning products and made delicious home cooked goodies in a wood combustion stove. I eventually opened a craft supply store from back verandah and gave a couple lessons.


Hunter gate big


I learned all about building, permaculture, ecology, propagation, recycling, house decorating, collecting, hot house and shade house building and creating various mousetraps, antiques, auctions, collage, leather work, card making, sewing, hunting, yabbying, fishing, sheep sorting, animal and child rearing, hay carting, fire wood , wild flora and fauna identification, dust storms, dunny cleaning and some mechanics.


Myola bigger 2

I had a poultice or remedy for every aliment. Recycling everything from furniture to old clothing.

Life was so much slower then. With hardly any money we still felt enriched and happy, even though the days were long and the work hard at times.

We didn’t need the next new gadget or technology. For entertainment we were just happy, singing songs around the fire from an old Australian songbook, creating something from the scrap box with my daughter or cooking a catch of yabbies from the dam with a beer or two.

My self sufficient ethos has stayed with me all my life but, today, I’m not so energetic or able, to do everything myself as I once did but, I still salvage and re -use items where I can in my daily life and creations.

I sometimes wish my other 2 children, who weren’t born then, were able to experience the lifestyle we had back then.

Have you ever lived off the land ?  Love to hear your stories…


Myola Vic.

Charlotte Eco-Friendly. Handmade. Vintage. Recycled. Textile Assemblage Necklace.




Eco-Friendly. Handmade. Vintage recycled textile necklace. A vintage textile assemblage necklace collaged from recycled, vintage and antique elements to create layers & textures in French style.


Length -19 inches – 49 cm.

I created ” Charlotte”, from vintage cloth, hand – sewn and wrapped with vintage satin ribbons, crochet scraps and metallic silk threads. The necklace is embellished in places with Victorian bone beads, faux pearls and a 1800’s antique buckle up one side. This buckle was dug from the goldmines in Victoria, Australia.

Another buckle, Victorian, lay below, together with, a decorative metal fan shape with leaf embossing, a vintage glass bead in rose, a vintage, “Mother of Pearl” embellishment with an antique French doily attached to a hammered found tin, cap. Finished with a touch here and there of doily scap and antique tulle netting in antique cream.



Vintage cloth
Victorian bone beads
Antique, handmade lace, French doily attached to a handmade metal cap
An antique 1800’s buckle dug up from goldfields in Victoria Australia
Antique Victorian buckle
Dyed and aged satin ribbon, cream
Antique silk gold- gilded thread
Antique Mother of Pearl hanging embellishment
Vintage scrap doily lengths
Vintage metal fan & leaf embellishment
Faux pale rose pearls
Vintage gass bead with bubbles deep rose
Antique tulle netting cream

You won’t see this anywhere else!

Stylish, old world charm with a contemporary French feel.

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