Handmade Vintage Wallpaper Book.

Handmade Vintage Wallpaper Book

A large handmade book I recently created from vintage wallpapers




vintage French magazine scraps




archival matte board and gummed tape




It’s strong tough and a little rough




Over 60 pages of vintage wallpapers, watercolor papers, paint splotches and tabs in between


DSC_0130 DSC_0119 DSC_0096


Size 23cm x 16cm.



Collage 15. Cut- up Poems. Whats under your Bonnet?

Whats under your Bonnet?


This was a fun project…I used a vintage 1960’s New idea magazine to cut out found words, phrases and images. Looking at my finished piece now, I can see the composition is all over the place with no central focal point and may change it in the future


I found the articles really funny and sometimes quite pathetic, on how women were seen and treated 50 years ago


Being a baby boomer myself, I remember going to rallies and protests for women’s rights in the 60s-70s


It makes you realize how far women have come since…

30 Days of Collage Stephanie Levy

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