Collage Tutorial 10. Torn Posters and Painted Papers.


I used many layers of a poster I found on the ground in Paris with handmade painted papers and acrylic gel. I sanded in between leaving torn paper and scratches in areas. My interest in this piece is the quality of the surface. During the process I made marks with permanent pens and acrylic paints.  Gluing on torn papers and tearing off with sanding.


When I travel I love to photograph graffiti and other interesting walls and doorways . Europe has some amazing street art, while, my hometown in Melbourne, Australia, is known as one of the world’s great street art capitals for it’s street art and graffiti. Street Art Melbourne


30 Days of Collage Stephanie levy








Collage Tutorial 9. Materials from Nature


I really enjoyed creating the nature collages. I drifted back to the Summers of the ’60’s  when with friends, running fast on the path to the beach ,our feet would burn:) I also remembered organizing the nature table at primary school. My favorite subjects were, art,  nature and social studies. I collected many of the coastal found objects items from Australian beaches and from my own backyard.

Compulsive Collector 1


Found  Dromana beach Australia. Driftwood, Shell, Seed Pod, Blue found object, Paint swatch, Pen and Gesso on canvas board.

Compulsive Collector 2


Found coastal Tasmania and Victoria Australia. Crab claw, seashell, animal bone,rock, Red found object, Paint swatch, Pen and Gesso on canvas board.

Remembering Wendy 1965


Found Victoria Australia. Gum leaf, driftwood, Baby shells, found paper, washi tape, gesso on aged water-colour paper.

Nature Table 1965


Found  Gum leaf, Vintage book papers, paint swatch and graphite pencil on aged water-colour paper.

30 Days of Collage – Stephanie levy





























Collage Tutorial 8. Spice Tracking. Natural Materials from the Kitchen

Using natural materials as pigment from the kitchen cupboard, I began with a selection of spices and seeds. Curry powder, turmeric, chilli powder and celery seed. I used Parisian essence to paint with and to dye my water colour papers.  (Parisian essence is used to brown gravies, soups etc.)


I began with dying the papers in the sink with the Parisian essence and warm water. I dried the papers in an oven for 10 mins. at 180 celcius.


I then stained more papers with several layers of essence and spices curry powder and turmeric. Topped with a little dyed paper sewn with cotton mop string and a sprinkling of celery seed.


It all smells very delicious!

30 Days of Collage. Stephanie Levy.

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